Synonyms and Antonyms of stuff

  1. 1 a skill, an ability, or knowledge that makes a person able to do a particular job a guy who has the stuff it takes to be head of a major corporation Synonyms of stuff capability, credentials, goods, qualificationWords Related to stuff command, expertise, know-how, mastership, mastery, proficiency; ability, capacity, competence, competency, facility, faculty; aptitude, endowment, flair, genius, gift, knack, talent; forte, long suit, métier (also metier), specialism, speciality, specialty, strong suit; fitness, suitability, suitableness; makings, potentiality

  2. 2 the basic elements from which something can be developed reading, writing, and arithmetic—the stuff of an education Synonyms of stuff material, raw material, making, substance, timberWords Related to stuff possibility, potential, potentiality; matter, metal

  3. 3 the quality or qualities that make a thing what it is the real stuff of nobility of character isn't riches or a title, but honor and integrity Synonyms of stuff being, essentiality, nature, quiddity, quintessence, soul, essence, substanceWords Related to stuff heart, spirit; alpha and omega, center, core, keynote, marrow, pith, seat; embodiment, epitome, incarnation, manifestation, personification; aspect, attribute, feature, property; gist, kernel, nub

  4. 4 transportable items that one owns gather up your stuff so that we can get going Synonyms of stuff belongings, chattels, duds, effects, gear, goods, holdings, movables (or moveables), paraphernalia, personal effects, personal property, personalty, plunder [chiefly dialect], possession, thingsWords Related to stuff treasures, valuables; appointments, fixtures, furnishings; estate, property, tangibles; collateralNear Antonyms of stuff immovables, real estate

  5. 5 items needed for the performance of a task or activity missed a great photo opportunity because all of my camera stuff was at home Synonyms of stuff accoutrements (or accouterments), apparatus, gear, hardware, kit [chiefly British], material(s), matériel (or materiel), outfit, paraphernalia, equipment, tackleWords Related to stuff accessories, appurtenances, attachments, fittings; baggage, belongings, impedimenta; appliances, facilities, instruments, machinery, tools; apparel, attire, habiliments, raiment, trappings; armamentarium, armory, arsenal, battery; assets, resources



Synonyms and Antonyms of stuff

  1. 1 to close up so that no empty spaces remain stuffed the box with tissue paper so the contents wouldn't rattle around Synonyms of stuff block, bung, dam, pack, plug, stop, fillWords Related to stuff choke, clog, close (off), clot, congest, jam, obstruct, occlude; caulk, chink, seal; repack, restuffNear Antonyms of stuff excavate, hollow (out), scoop (out), shovel

  2. 2 to fill with food to capacity kids who stuff themselves with junk food after school and then don't have any room for supper Synonyms of stuff cram, glut, sate, gorge, surfeitWords Related to stuff gobble, gormandize, pig out; gulp, guzzle; cloy, fill; banquet, feast, regaleNear Antonyms of stuff diet, fast

  3. 3 to fit (people or things) into a tight space stuffed all the kids into the back of the car Synonyms of stuff cram, crush, jam, ram, sandwich, shoehorn, squeeze, crowd, wedgeWords Related to stuff fill, heap, jam-pack, load, pack

  4. 4 to prevent passage through by filling with something I can't smell anything, as my nose is all stuffed Synonyms of stuff block, choke, clot, congest, dam, gum (up), jam, obstruct, occlude, plug (up), stop (up), clogWords Related to stuff bung, cork, spile, stopper, stopple; fill, gridlock, pack; fur, silt; flood, glut, inundate, overwhelm, swampNear Antonyms of stuff excavate, hollow (out), scoop (out); empty, lightenAntonyms of stuff clear, free, open (up), unblock, unclog, unplug, unstop

  5. 5 to put into (something) as much as can be held or contained stuffed a whole suitcase with gifts for her relatives in Mexico Synonyms of stuff brim, charge, cram, heap, jam, jam-pack, load, pack, fillWords Related to stuff drench, flood, glut, swamp; bloat, bulk; crowd, crush, mat, press, ram, shove, squash, squeeze; refill, refresh, reload, repack, replenish; overcharge, overfill, overflow, saturate; honeycomb, penetrateNear Antonyms of stuff lighten; deplete, drain, eliminate, exhaust; bleed, draw (off); clean, flush, purge, scour, sweepAntonyms of stuff clear, empty, evacuate, vacate, void

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