Synonyms and Antonyms of overwhelm

  1. 1 to subject to incapacitating emotional or mental stress just the thought of how much work there is to do overwhelms me Synonyms crush, devastate, floor, grind (down), oppress, overcome, overmaster, overpower, prostrate, snow under, swamp, whelm Related Words deluge, drown, sink; confute, defeat, refute; break, demoralize, distress, disturb, rock, shatter, stagger, throw, unman, unnerve, upset

  2. 2 to cover with a flood that spring the massive runoff from melting snows overwhelmed the valley Synonyms deluge, drown, engulf, gulf, inundate, overflow, flood, submerge, submerse, swampRelated Words avalanche, smother; overcome, overrun; flow, flush, gush, pour, sluice, spout, spurt, stream; douse (also dowse), drench, soak, wetNear Antonyms dehydrate, dry, parchAntonyms drain

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to cast off or become cast off

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