Synonyms and Antonyms of sate

  1. 1 to fill with food to capacity I sated myself with an array of diet-busting offerings from the dessert table Synonyms cram, glut, gorge, stuff, surfeitRelated Words gobble, gormandize, pig out; gulp, guzzle; cloy, fill; banquet, feast, regaleNear Antonyms diet, fast

  2. 2 to put a complete end to (a physical need or desire) a huge meal that should have sated everyone's hunger Synonyms assuage, quench, satisfy, satiate, slakeRelated Words cater (to), gratify, humor, indulge; alleviate, lighten, relieve; cloy, saturate, surfeitNear Antonyms arouse, excite, pique, stimulate; tantalize, tease

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