Synonyms and Antonyms of timber

  1. 1 a dense growth of trees and shrubs covering a large area upon our approach the deer disappeared back into the timber from whence it had come Synonyms forestland, forest, timberland, wood(s), woodlandRelated Words brake, brushwood, chaparral, coppice, copse, covert, grove, scrubland, stand, thicket; greenwood, wildwood; woodlot; arboretum, plantation

  2. 2 tree logs as prepared for human use needed a new load of timber to finish building the house Synonyms lumber, woodRelated Words beam, brace, pile, post, ridgepole, sill, splint, stake, stave, stick; bar, billet, block; cordwood, firewood

  3. 3 the basic elements from which something can be developed a novel with the timber to become a best seller, if marketed correctly Synonyms material, raw material, stuff, substance, makingRelated Words possibility, potential, potentiality; matter, metal

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