noun plural
variants: or


Synonyms and Antonyms of movables

  1. 1 the movable articles (such as tables and chairs) in a room when painting a room, you should first cover or remove all of the movables Synonyms appointments, cabinetwork, furnishings, furniture (or moveables)Related Words belongings, chattels, effects, gear, goods, holdings, paraphernalia, possessions, things; case goodsNear Antonyms built-ins, fixtures

  2. 2 transportable items that one owns packed our movables into the van and headed off to our new home Synonyms belongings, chattels, duds, effects, gear, goods, holdings, possession (or moveables), paraphernalia, personal effects, personal property, personalty, plunder [chiefly dialect], stuff, thingsRelated Words treasures, valuables; appointments, fixtures, furnishings; estate, property, tangibles; collateralNear Antonyms immovables, real estate

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