Synonyms and Antonyms of scrunch

  1. 1 to create (as by crushing) an irregular mass of creases in scrunched up the shirt and tossed it in the laundry Synonyms crinkle, rumple, crumple, wrinkleRelated Words corrugate, crease, crimp, fold, pleat, pucker, ruck; crisp, ripple, ruffle; contract, furrow, knit; mess (up), muss (up)Near Antonyms even, iron, press, straighten; unfold; neaten, tidyAntonyms flatten, iron out, smooth, smoothen, uncrumple

  2. 2 to lie low with the limbs close to the body the climbers scrunched down on the leeward side of a large boulder and waited for the storm to pass Synonyms couch, huddle, hunch, hunker (down), crouch, squat, squinchRelated Words curl up

  3. 3 to press or strike against or together so as to make a scraping sound scrunched loose gravel with every footstep Synonyms crunch, gnash, grate, grit, scrape, grindRelated Words creak, groan, moan, rasp, scratch, whine; clash, collide, jangle, jar

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