Synonyms and Antonyms of squinch

  1. 1 to lie low with the limbs close to the body squinched down to fit under the table Synonyms couch, huddle, hunch, hunker (down), scrunch, squat, crouchRelated Words curl up

  2. 2 to twist (something) out of a natural or normal shape or condition squinched up her eyes in disgust Synonyms deform, distort, misshape, screw, contort, torture, warpRelated Words deface, disfigure; wrench, wrest, wring; coil, curl, loop, spiral, twine, wind, wreatheNear Antonyms straighten, unbend, uncurl

  3. 3 to draw back in fear, pain, or disgust didn't squinch a bit when the intruder pulled a knife on him Synonyms blench, cringe, quail, recoil, shrink, flinch, winceRelated Words blanch, pale, whiten; quake, quiver, shake, shudder, tremble; crouch; jerk, start, twitch; recede, retire, retreat, withdraw; falter, hesitate, reel, waverNear Antonyms advance, approach, near; beard, challenge, confront, defy, face

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