Synonyms and Antonyms of crimp

  1. 1 a small fold in a soft and otherwise smooth surface a small crimp in the dollar bill prevented it from being accepted by the bill changer made a tiny little crimp in the corner of the Queen of Spades Synonyms crease, wrinkle, crinkle, furrowRelated Words corrugation, layer, loop, plait, pleat, ply, pucker, seam, tuck; crow's-foot

  2. 2 something that makes movement or progress difficult the strike could put a real crimp in the production schedule Synonyms balk, bar, block, chain, clog, cramp, encumbrance, deterrent, drag, embarrassment, fetter, handicap, hindrance, holdback, hurdle, impediment, inhibition, interference, let, manacle, obstacle, obstruction, shackles, stop, stumbling block, trammelRelated Words catch, hitch, rub, snag; barrier, blockade, blockage, brick wall, stone wall; arrest, bit, brake, check, constraint, curb, hobble, rein, restraint; embargo, stoppage; delay, holdup, stall; burden, cumber, load; danger, hazard, peril, reef; adversity, difficulty, disadvantage, drawback, hardshipNear Antonyms catalyst, goad, impetus, incentive, spur, stimulant, stimulus; advantage, break, edge; aid, assistance, benefit, boost, handmaiden (also handmaid), help

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