Synonyms and Antonyms of baiter

  1. 1 a person who causes repeated emotional pain, distress, or annoyance to another vowed revenge someday on the baiters who were making his life miserable Synonyms tormentor, harasser, heckler, mocker, needler, persecutor, quiz, quizzer, ridiculer, taunter, tease, teaser, torturerRelated Words belittler, derider, detractor, giber (or jiber), insulter, jeerer, scoffer, scorner; trash-talker; smart aleck (also smart alec), smarty (or smartie), smarty-pants, wiseacre, wiseguy; kidder, lampooner, satirist; accuser, blamer, troublemaker; assailant, attacker, molester, victimizer; bother, disturber, pestNear Antonyms defender, deliverer, guard, protector, rescuer, savior (or saviour); comforter, consoler, solace, soother, succorer; bodyguard, champion

  2. 2 one that tries to get a person to give in to a desire my sister is quite the mischievous baiter, always offering candy even though she knows I'm on a diet Synonyms tempter, seducer, solicitorRelated Words beguiler, enchantress, siren, temptress; tantalizer; briber, inducer, inveigler, persuader; corrupter (also corruptor), debaser, debaucher, degrader, depraver, perverter, undoer

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