Synonyms and Antonyms of admonishment

  1. 1 an opinion suggesting a wise or proper course of action wintertime admonishments about remembering to wear a coat and hat Synonyms adjuration, advice, admonition, counsel, guidance, inputRelated Words recommendation, suggestion; hint, pointer, tip; data, feedback, information; answer, solution; advisement, consideration, thought; alarm (also alarum), alert, caution, cautioning, expostulation, forewarning, remonstrance, remonstration, urging, warning; judgment (or judgement), observation, verdict; assistance, briefing, coaching, direction, instruction, mentoring, priming, prompting, teaching, tutoring; interference, kibitzing (also kibbitzing), meddling; moralizing, pontificating, preaching; exhortation, lecture, lesson, sermon, speech

  2. 2 the act or an instance of telling beforehand of danger or risk that near miss with the guardrail was all the admonishment I needed to slow down Synonyms warning, admonition, alarm (also alarum), alert, caution, forewarning, heads-up, noticeRelated Words auguring, augury, forecasting, foretelling, predicting, prediction, premonition, presaging, prognosticating, prophecy (also prophesy), prophesying; apprising, informing, notification, notifying, tip-off; advice, counsel, guidance, recommendation, suggestion, tip; announcement, declaration

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