Synonyms and Antonyms of wall

  1. 1 a physical object that blocks the way an ancient wall that was built to block the invading barbarians Synonyms barricade, fence, hedge, barrierRelated Words bar, pale, paling; block, chain, clog, crimp, deterrent, drag, embarrassment, encumbrance, handicap, hindrance, hurdle, impediment, inhibition, interference, let, obstacle, obstruction, roadblock, stop, stumbling block, trammel; fetter, hobble, manacle, shackle(s); constraint, curb, restraint, snag; buffer, bulwark, bumper, cushion, dam, fender, pad, rampartNear Antonyms door, doorway, entrance, entranceway, entry, entryway, gate, portal; break, gap, pass

  2. 2 means or method of defending investigators faced a wall of silence from the members of the police department Synonyms aegis (also egis), ammunition, armor, buckler, cover, guard, protection, safeguard, screen, security, shield, defense, wardRelated Words arm, armament, munitions, weapon, weaponry; fastness, fort, fortress, palisade, strongholdNear Antonyms aggression, assault, attack, offense (or offence), offensive

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