Synonyms and Antonyms of door

  1. 1 a barrier by which an entry is closed and opened we locked the door to the room so that no one could get in Synonyms gate, hatch, portal Related Words double door, Dutch door, French door, lattice, portcullis, postern, revolving door, storm door, trapdoor, wicket

  2. 2 the opening through which one can enter or leave a structure a steady stream of visitors through the front door Synonyms doorway, entrance, gate, gateway, way Related Words hatch, hatchway

  3. 3 the means or right of entering or participating in education unlocks the door to advancement Synonyms access, accession, admission, admittance, entrance, doorway, entrée (or entree), entry, gateway, ingress, key, passport, ticketRelated Words approval, authorization, certification, permission, qualification; open door, welcome matNear Antonyms discharge, dismissal, ejection, expulsion, ouster, rejection, removal

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