Synonyms and Antonyms of gateway

  1. 1 something that allows someone to achieve a desired goal hopefully, my college degree will be a gateway to a high-paying job Synonyms passport, key, open sesame, secret, ticketRelated Words password; accomplishment, achievement, attainment, coup, success, triumph; approach, manner, means, method, style, system, technique, way; blueprint, design, ground plan, plan, program, scheme, strategy

  2. 2 the means or right of entering or participating in Denver is the gateway to the West Synonyms access, accession, admission, admittance, door, doorway, entrée (or entree), entry, entrance, ingress, key, passport, ticketRelated Words approval, authorization, certification, permission, qualification; open door, welcome matNear Antonyms discharge, dismissal, ejection, expulsion, ouster, rejection, removal

  3. 3 the opening through which one can enter or leave a structure there are security checkpoints at all of the stadium's gateways Synonyms doorway, entrance, gate, door, wayRelated Words hatch, hatchway

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