Synonyms and Antonyms of sanctify

  1. 1 to free from moral guilt or blemish especially ceremonially received the sacrament of penance, whereby they were sanctified and restored to divine grace Synonyms cleanse, purge, purifyRelated Words amend, improve, refine; heal, regenerate, restore; elevate, ennoble, uplift; absolve, acquit, clear, exonerate, vindicateNear Antonyms corrupt, debase, debauch, defile, degrade, demean, deprave, pervert, stain, warp; poison, profane, prostitute; sully, tarnish

  2. 2 to make holy through prayers or ritual sanctify the bread for Communion Synonyms consecrate, hallow, sacralize, blessRelated Words baptize, canonize, spiritualize; chasten, cleanse, lustrate, purify; exorcise (also exorcize), expurgate; commit, dedicate, devote; reconsecrateNear Antonyms defile, desecrate, profane; dirty, foul, pollute, soil, taint, violate; blaspheme, curse, cuss, damn, execrate; cast out, condemn, damn, punishAntonyms deconsecrate, desacralize, desanctify

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