Synonyms and Antonyms of business

  1. 1 transactions or economic support provided by customers only places that are equal opportunity employers will get my business Synonyms of business custom, patronage Words Related to business marketplace, trade, traffic; free trade; affairs, dealings, horse-trading; merchandising, retailing, wholesaling

  2. 2 a commercial or industrial activity or organization most of the local businesses belong to the association Synonyms of business enterprise, company, concern, establishment, firm, house, interest, outfitWords Related to business conglomerate, corporation, multinational; association, cartel, chain, combine, syndicate, trust; agency, dealer, outlet; microenterprise

  3. 3 something to be dealt with we have one piece of business remaining for today's meeting Synonyms of business affair, matter, thingWords Related to business consideration, issue, problem; crisis, crossroad(s), crunch, emergency, exigency, flash point, head, juncture, strait, zero hour; concern, trouble, worry; care, lookout, responsibility; deadlock, halt, impasse, stalemate, standstill; corner, fix, hole, hot water, jam, pickle, pinch, predicament, scrape, spot

  4. 4 the buying and selling of goods especially on a large scale and between different places this bookstore is a place of business, not a free library, so please do your reading elsewhere Synonyms of business commerce, marketplace, trade, trafficWords Related to business free trade; black market, gray market; dealings, horse-trading; e-tail, merchandising, retailing, wholesaling; bartering

  5. 5 the action for which a person or thing is specially fitted or used or for which a thing exists plants going about the business of photosynthesis provide the Earth with a renewable source of oxygen Synonyms of business role, capacity, function, job, part, place, position, purpose, task, workWords Related to business affair, concern, hand, involvement, participation; niche, office, post, situation; calling, occupation, pursuit, vocation; activity, assignment, charge, commission, duty, employ, mission, responsibility, service, use

  6. 6 a region of activity, knowledge, or influence if you want a medical malpractice lawyer, he's the best in the business Synonyms of business area, arena, bailiwick, barony, field, circle, demesne, department, discipline, domain, element, fief, fiefdom, firmament, front, game, kingdom, line, precinct, province, realm, specialty, sphere, terrain, walkWords Related to business frontier; study, subject; territory, turf; occupation, profession, pursuit, racket, vocation; ambit, amplitude, breadth, compass, confine, dimension(s), extent, ken, reach, scope, sweep, width; subfield, subspecialty

  7. 7 a specific task with which a person or group is charged the interrogators demanded to know what business the suspect had in the restricted area at that time of night Synonyms of business assignment, brief, mission, charge, detail, job, operation, postWords Related to business burden, chore, duty, need, obligation, office, requirement, responsibility; errand, labor, work; commitment, pledge, promise; appointment, commission, designation, nomination; compulsion, constraint, restraint

  8. 8 the act or fact of violating the trust or confidence of another the price for giving the drug lord the business was certain death Synonyms of business backstabbing, betrayal, disloyalty, double cross, faithlessness, falseness, falsity, infidelity, perfidy, sellout, treachery, treason, two-timing, unfaithfulnessWords Related to business abandonment, desertion; deceit, deception, double-dealing, duplicity, guile, two-facedness; fraud, informing, lying, snitching, talebearing, trickeryNear Antonyms of business dependability, reliability, trustworthiness; defense, protection, safeguard, shieldAntonyms of business allegiance, devotion, faithfulness, fealty, fidelity, loyalty, staunchness, steadfastness

Synonym Discussion of business

business, commerce, trade, industry, traffic mean activity concerned with the supplying and distribution of commodities. business may be an inclusive term but specifically designates the activities of those engaged in the purchase or sale of commodities or in related financial transactions. commerce and trade imply the exchange and transportation of commodities. industry applies to the producing of commodities, especially by manufacturing or processing, usually on a large scale. traffic applies to the operation and functioning of public carriers of goods and persons.

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