Synonyms and Antonyms of breadth

  1. 1 a wide space or area a great breadth of land awaited those who were brave and hardy enough to settle it Synonyms expanse, distance, expansion, extent, field, length, plain, reach, sheet, spread, stretch, wasteRelated Words domain, sphere, territory; compass, range, scope, sweep; gamut, scale, spectrum; depth, emptiness, void; extension, latitude, span; amplitude, immensity, magnitude

  2. 2 an area over which activity, capacity, or influence extends the breadth of his knowledge on the subject is awesome Synonyms ambit, amplitude, range, compass, confines, dimension(s), extent, reach, realm, scope, sweep, widthRelated Words gamut, spectrum, spread; bailiwick, circle, demesne, department, discipline, domain, element, fief, fiefdom, field, province, region, specialty, sphere, terrain; frontier; horizon, panorama

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