Synonyms and Antonyms of fog

  1. 1 a state of mental confusion didn't get enough sleep and now I'm in a fog Synonyms daze, dazedness, haze, muddle, spin, swoonRelated Words reverie, stupor, trance; befuddlement, bewilderment, perplexity, puzzlement; delirium, malaise, paralysis; cloudiness, fogginessNear Antonyms alertness, levelheadedness

  2. 2 an atmospheric condition in which suspended particles in the air rob it of its transparency the fog lifted once the sun was out Synonyms brume, haze, gauze, mist, murk, reek, smog, soupRelated Words bank, cloud, fume, miasma, smoke, smother, steam

  3. 3 a state of mental uncertainty I wandered around in a fog after the shocking news Synonyms bafflement, bamboozlement, befuddlement, bemusement, bewilderedness, bewilderment, confusedness, discombobulation, distraction, confusion, head-scratching, maze [chiefly dialect], muddle, mystification, perplexity, puzzlement, tangle, whirlRelated Words abashment, discomfiture, disconcertment, embarrassment, mortification; agitation, chagrin, discomfort, dismay, disquiet, distress, disturbance, perturbation, upset; bother, commotion, dither, flurry, fluster, fuss, stew, turmoilNear Antonyms assurance, certainty, certitude, confidence, conviction, positiveness, sureness



Synonyms and Antonyms of fog

  1. 1 to make (something) unclear to the understanding extraneous matters that only serve to fog the central issue Synonyms becloud, befog, blur, cloud, confuse, muddy, obfuscateRelated Words complicate, perplex, sophisticate; entangle, snarl, tangle; disarrange, disarray, discompose, dishevel, disorder, disrupt, disturb, jumble, mess (up), mix (up), muddle, scramble, shuffle, tousle, upsetNear Antonyms simplify, streamline; disentangle, straighten (out), undo, unravel, unscramble, untangle; decipher, decode; analyze, break downAntonyms clarify, clear (up), illuminate

  2. 2 to make dark, dim, or indistinct time will fog memories Synonyms becloud, bedim, befog, blacken, blear, blur, darken, dim, dislimn, cloud, fuzz (up), haze, mist, obscure, overcast, overcloud, overshadow, shadow, shroudRelated Words adumbrate, blot out, conceal, eclipse, hide, obliterate, screen, shade; camouflage, cloak, cover, curtain, disguise, mask, veilNear Antonyms expose, reveal, uncover, unveilAntonyms brighten, illuminate, illumine, light (up), lighten

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