Synonyms and Antonyms of testament

  1. 1 something presented in support of the truth or accuracy of a claim the “before” and “after” pictures are a testament to the effectiveness of the weight loss program Synonyms attestation, confirmation, corroboration, documentation, evidence, substantiation, proof, testimonial, testimony, validation, voucher, witnessRelated Words (the) goods; certificate, document, exhibit; demonstration, illustration; authentication, identification, manifestation, verificationNear Antonyms rebuttal, refutation; accusation, allegation, charge; assumption, conjecture, guess, presumption, surmise, suspicionAntonyms disproof

  2. 2 the basic beliefs or guiding principles of a person or group Jefferson's collected writings constitute his political testament Synonyms credo, doctrine, dogma, gospel, ideology (also idealogy), philosophy, creedRelated Words manifesto; metaphysic, theory; axiom, tenet, watchword

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