Synonyms and Antonyms of age

  1. 1 an extent of time associated with a particular person or thing <the Bronze Age marks the beginning of the use of metal by ancient peoples> Synonyms day, epoch, era, period, time Related Words cycle, generation, year; bit, space, span, spell, stretch, while; date, vintage

  2. 2 a long or seemingly long period of time <it took ages for the clerk to ring up three items> Synonyms aeon (or eon), blue moon, coon's age, cycle, donkey's years [chiefly British], eternity, forever, long, months, moon Related Words infinity; lifetime Near Antonyms flash, instant, jiffy, minute, moment, second, shake, split second, trice, twinkle, twinkling, wink; microsecond, nanosecond

  3. 3 a later period of one's life <stoically endures all of the aches and pains that come with age> Synonyms afterlife, afternoon, autumn, evening Related Words sunset, twilight, winter; anecdotage, dotage, senility; elderliness, golden years, oldness, seniority; adulthood, majority, maturity, middle, middle age, midlife, ripeness Near Antonyms adolescence, youth Antonyms springtime

  4. 4 the state of being an old person <at 88, she gets frustrated by the feebleness that is inevitable with age> Synonyms ancientness, agedness, elderliness, maturityRelated Words senectitude; venerableness; anecdotage, anility, caducity, dotage, second childhood, senescence, senility; feebleness, infirmityNear Antonyms freshness, prime, youthfulness; adolescence, immaturity, juvenility, minority, nonageAntonyms youngness, youth

  5. 5 the state of being something old <the copper monument has acquired the patina of age> Synonyms ancientness, agedness, antiquity, hoarinessRelated Words antiquation, datedness, obsolescence, obsoleteness, old-fashionedness; fustiness; agelessnessNear Antonyms currency, currentness, freshness, modernity, modernness, novelty, recentnessAntonyms newness



Synonyms and Antonyms of age

  1. to become mature <as your cat ages and becomes less active, you should change her diet> Synonyms mature, develop, grow, grow up, progress, ripenRelated Words mellow, soften; bloom, blossom, burgeon (also bourgeon), flourish, flower; open, unfold; advance, evolve; get along, get on, gray (also grey)Near Antonyms decay, decline, degenerate, deteriorate, sink, worsen; droop, dry, fade, flag, sag, shrivel, wane, waste (away), weaken, wilt, wither; regress, retrogress, revert; backslide, lapse, return

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