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an extent of time associated with a particular person or thing the Bronze Age marks the beginning of the use of metal by ancient peoples

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How does the noun age differ from other similar words?

Some common synonyms of age are epoch, era, and period. While all these words mean "a division of time," age is used frequently of a fairly definite period dominated by a prominent figure or feature.

the age of Samuel Johnson

When is it sensible to use epoch instead of age?

The words epoch and age are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, epoch applies to a period begun or set off by some significant or striking quality, change, or series of events.

the steam engine marked a new epoch in industry

When can era be used instead of age?

In some situations, the words era and age are roughly equivalent. However, era suggests a period of history marked by a new or distinct order of things.

the era of global communications

When might period be a better fit than age?

While the synonyms period and age are close in meaning, period may designate an extent of time of any length.

periods of economic prosperity

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