Synonyms and Antonyms of ancientness

  1. 1 the state of being an old person if nothing else, the patriarch had achieved a degree of ancientness worthy of veneration Synonyms age, agedness, elderliness, maturity Related Words senectitude; venerableness; anecdotage, anility, caducity, dotage, second childhood, senescence, senility; feebleness, infirmity Near Antonyms freshness, prime, youthfulness; adolescence, immaturity, juvenility, minority, nonage Antonyms youngness, youth

  2. 2 the state of being something old the ancientness of the papyrus was authenticated by carbon dating Synonyms age, agedness, antiquity, hoariness Related Words antiquation, datedness, obsolescence, obsoleteness, old-fashionedness; fustiness; agelessness Near Antonyms currency, currentness, freshness, modernity, modernness, novelty, recentness Antonyms newness

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