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  1. 1 the state or time of being a child the short stories of the novelist's nonage have only recently been discovered by scholars Synonyms childhood, springtime, youthRelated Words boyhood, girlhood, toddlerhood; adolescence, juvenescence, minority; immaturity, juvenility; babyhood, infancyNear Antonyms majority; middle age, midlife; senectitude, sunset, winterAntonyms adulthood

  2. 2 the transitional period between childhood and adulthood the indiscretions of his long-ago nonage have come back to haunt him now that he's a serious presidential contender Synonyms minority, adolescenceRelated Words boyhood, girlhood, preadolescence, youth; bloom, flush, heyday, prime; majority, maturity; manhood, womanhood; babyhood, infancy

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a trip made at another's expense

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