Synonyms and Antonyms of flash

  1. 1 a sudden and usually temporary growth of activity a flash of last-minute trips to the video store before the onset of the big snowstorm Synonyms burst, flare, flare-up, outbreak, flicker, flurry, flutter, outburst, spurtRelated Words recrudescence, recurrence, renewal; binge, jag, spree; boost, increase, pickup, upswing, upturn; epidemic, eruption, explosion, paroxysm; deluge, flood, rush, spate, surge, volley; commotion, furor, uproarNear Antonyms calm, doldrums, slump

  2. 2 a sudden intense expression of strong feeling a much-needed flash of humor during the otherwise boring lecture Synonyms agony, blaze, burst, ebullition, eruption, explosion, fit, flare, flare-up, outburst, flush, gale, gush, gust, paroxysm, spasm, stormRelated Words blowup, grouch, rage, tantrum; ecstasy, rapture, transport; delirium, firestorm, frenzy, furor

  3. 3 a very small space of time the shower will be over in a flash Synonyms beat, eyeblink, instant, heartbeat, jiff, jiffy, minute, moment, nanosecond, New York minute, second, shake, split second, trice, twinkle, twinkling, winkRelated Words microsecond; snatch, spurtNear Antonyms aeon (or eon), age, eternity, forever; infinity, lifetime

  4. 4 something extraordinary or surprising the new goalie for our hockey team was apparently quite a flash in his hometown Synonyms caution, wonder, marvel, miracle, phenomenon, portent, prodigy, sensation, splendorRelated Words curiosity, sight, spectacle; beauty, corker, crackerjack (also crackajack), dandy, jim-dandy, knockout; apparition, appearance

  5. 5 excessive or unnecessary display the expensive clothes, the luxury cars, and other apparent signs of success are all flash that belie the fact that the family is up to its ears in debt Synonyms flamboyance, ostentation, flashiness, garishness, gaudiness, glitz, ostentatiousness, pretentiousness, showiness, swankRelated Words pretense (or pretence); éclat, extravaganza, mummery, pageant, parade, show; dazzle, fanfare, foofaraw, pageantry, pomp, razzle-dazzle, razzmatazz, spectacle; adornment, decoration, dressing, embellishment, garnishment, ornamentation, trimming; extravagance, fanciness, luxuriance, luxuriousness, magnificence, opulence, richness, sumptuousness; luridness; meretriciousness, tawdriness, vulgarityNear Antonyms conservativeness, moderation, modesty, restraint, simplicity, understatement; elegance, gracefulness, tastefulness; minimalismAntonyms austerity, plainness, severity



Synonyms and Antonyms of flash

  1. 1 to shoot forth bursts of light the actress's diamond necklace flashed as she hurried on stage to accept the award Synonyms coruscate, flame, glance, gleam, glimmer, glint, glisten, glister, glitter, luster (or lustre), scintillate, shimmer, spangle, sparkle, twinkle, wink, winkle Related Words beam, radiate, shine; bedazzle, blind, daze, dazzle; blaze, burn, flare, glare, glow

  2. 2 to present so as to invite notice or attention flashed a wad of cash as he paid for his coffee Synonyms display, disport, exhibit, expose, show, flaunt, lay out, parade, produce, show off, sport, strut, unveilRelated Words brandish, flourish, wave; advertise, air, announce, blaze, broadcast, herald, placard, post, proclaim, publicize, sound, trumpet; divulge, talk (about), tell (of); bare, discover, reveal, uncloak, uncover, unmaskNear Antonyms camouflage, disguise, mask; conceal, cover, curtain, enshroud, hide, obscure, occlude, occult, shroud, veil

  3. 3 to shine with light at regular intervals the disco lights flashed, and the revelers danced Synonyms blink, twinkle, winkRelated Words coruscate, flare, flicker, glance, glimmer, glint, glisten, glister, glitter, scintillate, shimmer, spangle, spark, sparkle

  4. 4 to make known openly or publicly flashed the news of the royal birth around the world Synonyms advertise, annunciate, blare, blaze, blazon, broadcast, declare, enunciate, announce, give out, herald, placard, post, proclaim, promulgate, publicize, publish, release, sound, trumpetRelated Words bark, call (off or out), cry; bill, billboard, bulletin, gazette [chiefly British]; knell, ring, toll; blurb, feature, pitch, plug, promote, puff; disseminate, spread; disclose, divulge, introduce, kithe [chiefly Scottish], manifest, report, reveal, show; advise, apprise, hand down, inform, notify; communicate, impart, intimateNear Antonyms conceal, hush (up), silence, suppress, withhold; recall, recant, retract, revoke

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