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as in to carry
to support and take from one place to another will you transport this heavy casserole dish to the dining room for me?

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How does the verb transport contrast with its synonyms?

Some common synonyms of transport are banish, deport, and exile. While all these words mean "to remove by authority from a state or country," transport implies sending a convicted criminal to an overseas penal colony.

a convict who was transported to Australia

Where would banish be a reasonable alternative to transport?

Although the words banish and transport have much in common, banish implies compulsory removal from a country not necessarily one's own.

banished for seditious activities

When could deport be used to replace transport?

The synonyms deport and transport are sometimes interchangeable, but deport implies sending out of the country an alien who has illegally entered or whose presence is judged inimical to the public welfare.

illegal aliens will be deported

When is it sensible to use exile instead of transport?

The words exile and transport can be used in similar contexts, but exile may imply compulsory removal or an enforced or voluntary absence from one's own country.

a writer who exiled himself for political reasons

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