Synonyms and Antonyms of deport

  1. 1 to force to leave a country <deported them back to their country of birth> Synonyms banish, displace, exile, expatriate, relegate, transportRelated Words cast out, dismiss, eject, eliminate, evict, exclude, expel, expulse, kick out, oust, run out, throw out; excommunicate, ostracize, reject, repudiate, spurn; dispossessNear Antonyms naturalize, repatriate; accept, admit, receive, take in; entertain, harbor, house, shelter

  2. 2 to manage the actions of (oneself) in a particular way <deported herself with grace and propriety at the country club cotillion> Synonyms acquit, bear, carry, comport, conduct, demean, behave, quitRelated Words check, collect, compose, constrain, contain, control, curb, handle, inhibit, quiet, repress, restrain; moderate, modulate, temper; act, impersonate, playNear Antonyms act up, carry on, cut up, misbehave, misconduct

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to trick or confuse (someone)

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