Synonyms and Antonyms of enunciate

  1. 1 to utter clearly and distinctly enunciate your words, and then you won't have to repeat them so often Synonyms articulateRelated Words express, pronounce, say, speak, talk, tell, utter, verbalize, vocalize, voice; speak out, speak upNear Antonyms falter, grunt, halt, hesitate, maunder, splutter, sputter, stammer, stumble, stutter; mouth, mumble, murmur, mutter, whisper; breathe, drawl, gasp

  2. 2 to make known openly or publicly today the President enunciated a new foreign policy Synonyms advertise, annunciate, blare, blaze, blazon, broadcast, declare, announce, flash, give out, herald, placard, post, proclaim, promulgate, publicize, publish, release, sound, trumpetRelated Words bark, call (off or out), cry; bill, billboard, bulletin, gazette [chiefly British]; knell, ring, toll; blurb, feature, pitch, plug, promote, puff; disseminate, spread; disclose, divulge, introduce, kithe [chiefly Scottish], manifest, report, reveal, show; advise, apprise, hand down, inform, notify; communicate, impart, intimateNear Antonyms conceal, hush (up), silence, suppress, withhold; recall, recant, retract, revoke

  3. 3 to express (a thought or emotion) in words a paper that enunciates the goals of the environmental organization Synonyms articulate, bring out, say, pass, speak, state, talk, tell, utter, verbalize, vocalizeRelated Words air, discuss, give, look, share, sound, vent, ventilate, voice; blabber, bolt, blurt, get off, shoot; advertise, announce, blaze, broadcast, declare, post, proclaim, promulgate, publicize, publish; affirm, allege, assert, aver, avouch, avow; breathe, chirp, drawl, gasp, lip, mouth, murmur, purr, shout, splutter, spout, whisper; clothe, couch, formulate, formulize, phrase, put, word; comment, pipe up (with), remark; rip (out), snarlNear Antonyms stifle, suppress

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