Synonyms and Antonyms of spree

  1. 1 a time or instance of carefree fun <went on a spending spree> Synonyms binge, frisk, frolic, gambol, idyll (also idyl), lark, ploy, revel, rollick, romp, flingRelated Words caper, escapade, prank; bender, brannigan, bum, bust, carouse, souse, splore [Scottish], toot; antic, monkeyshine(s), shenanigan(s); field day; festivity, merriment, merrymaking; enjoyment, indulgence, pleasure, self-indulgence; amusement, diversion, entertainment, recreation

  2. 2 a bout of prolonged or excessive drinking <after a lifetime of self-destructive sprees, the poet Dylan Thomas died at last of an alcoholic overdose> Synonyms bender, binge, bust, carousal, drunk, jamboree, carouse, toot, wassailRelated Words blowout, kegger (also keg party); bacchanalia, orgy, revel, revelry; bibbery, bibulousness, drunkenness, inebriation, inebriety, intoxication, jag, tipsiness

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