Synonyms and Antonyms of flare–up

  1. 1 a sudden and usually temporary growth of activity took medication to prevent a flare-up of her asthma Synonyms burst, flare, flare-up, flash, flicker, flurry, flutter, outburst, spurtRelated Words recrudescence, recurrence, renewal; binge, jag, spree; boost, increase, pickup, upswing, upturn; epidemic, eruption, explosion, paroxysm; deluge, flood, rush, spate, surge, volley; commotion, furor, uproarNear Antonyms calm, doldrums, slump

  2. 2 a sudden intense expression of strong feeling there's no need for an angry flare-up, as we'll take care of the problem immediately Synonyms agony, blaze, burst, ebullition, eruption, explosion, fit, flare, flare-up, flash, flush, gale, gush, gust, paroxysm, spasm, stormRelated Words blowup, grouch, rage, tantrum; ecstasy, rapture, transport; delirium, firestorm, frenzy, furor

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