Synonyms and Antonyms of seethe

  1. 1 to be in a state of violent rolling motion the water seethed with schools of feeding piranha Synonyms boil, churn, moil, roil Related Words reel, spin, swirl, whirl; agitate, stir Near Antonyms abate, calm, subside

  2. 2 to be excited or emotionally stirred up with anger she seethed at the very thought of the staff's staggering incompetence Synonyms burn, foam, fume, rage, rankle, boil, sizzle, steam, stormRelated Words fulminate, rant, rave; smolder (or smoulder); bristle, flare (up), inflame (also enflame); chafe, fret, stew; agitate, convulse, roil, shake

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a rounded knoll or a ridge of ice

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