Synonyms and Antonyms of dare

  1. 1 to invite (someone) to take part in a contest or to perform a feat I dare you to repeat that to my face! he dared his friend to race to the end of the block Synonyms challenge, defy, stumpRelated Words beard, brave, brazen, breast, confront, face, outbrave, outface

  2. 2 to oppose (something hostile or dangerous) with firmness or courage every day the old fisherman dared the elements to make his meager living Synonyms beard, brave, brazen, breast, confront, face, defy, outbrave, outfaceRelated Words face up (to), front; affront; challenge; encounter, meet; accost, approach, corner; repel, resist, stand, withstand; battle, combat, contend (with), fight, oppose, square (off)Near Antonyms avoid, eschew, shun; elude, escape, evade, shakeAntonyms dodge, duck, funk, shirk, sidestep

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