Synonyms and Antonyms of hushed

  1. 1 free from disturbing noise or uproar entered the hushed interior of the Gothic church Synonyms of hushed arcadian, calm, quiet, peaceful, placid, restful, serene, still, stilly, tranquilWords Related to hushed noiseless, silent, soundless; mute, speechless, wordless; dead, motionless, quiescent; muffled, muted, quieted; dull, gentle, low, soft; ultraquietNear Antonyms of hushed crazy, tempestuous, wild; blaring, blasting, booming, earsplitting, piercing, roaring, thundering, thunderousAntonyms of hushed boisterous, clamorous, clattery, deafening, loud, noisy, raucous, rip-roaring, roistering, romping, rowdy, tumultuous, unquiet, uproarious, woolly (also wooly)

  2. 2 free from storms or physical disturbance the hushed lake was smooth as glass the morning after the storm Synonyms of hushed halcyon, calm, lown [dialect], peaceful, placid, quiet, serene, still, stilly, tranquil, untroubledWords Related to hushed balmy, clement, equable, gentle, mild, moderate, temperate; clear, cloudless, fair, rainless, sunny, sunshiny, windlessNear Antonyms of hushed blizzardy (also blizzardly), blustery, squally, windy; extreme, foul, intemperate, nasty, severeAntonyms of hushed agitated, angry, inclement, restless, rough, stormy, tempestuous, turbulent, unquiet, unsettled

  3. 3 mostly or entirely without sound a hushed sickroom Synonyms of hushed silent, muted, noiseless, quiet, quieted, soundless, still, stillyWords Related to hushed calm, peaceable, peaceful, serene, tranquilNear Antonyms of hushed boisterous, clamorous, clangorous, clattering, clattery, raucous, rip-roaring, roaring, roistering, tumultuousAntonyms of hushed noisy, rackety, unquiet, uproarious

  4. 4 not known or meant to be known by the general populace hushed negotiations between the two countries Synonyms of hushed behind-the-scenes, confidential, esoteric, private, hush-hush, inside, intimate, nonpublic, privy, secretWords Related to hushed classified, restricted, top secret; silent, unadvertised, unannounced, undisclosed, unmentioned, unsaid, untold; clandestine, closet, collusive, conspiratorial, covert; furtive, hugger-mugger, occult, sneak, sneaking, sneaky, stealthy, surreptitious, undercover, underground, underhand, underhanded; personal; closeted, concealed, hidden; repressed, silenced, stifled, suppressed; backstage, offscreen, offstageNear Antonyms of hushed well-known; advertised, aired, announced, blazed, broadcast, declared, disclosed, divulged, enunciated, heralded, proclaimed, professed, promulgated, publicized, published, reported, spotlighted; general, popular, prevailing, vulgar; current, prevalent, rife, widespread; communal, sharedAntonyms of hushed common, open, public

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to cause to suffer severely from hunger

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