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  1. 1 free from storms or physical disturbance a halcyon era following the American Civil War Synonyms calm, hushed, lown [dialect], peaceful, placid, quiet, serene, still, stilly, tranquil, untroubledRelated Words balmy, clement, equable, gentle, mild, moderate, temperate; clear, cloudless, fair, rainless, sunny, sunshiny, windlessNear Antonyms blizzardy (also blizzardly), blustery, squally, windy; extreme, foul, intemperate, nasty, severeAntonyms agitated, angry, inclement, restless, rough, stormy, tempestuous, turbulent, unquiet, unsettled

  2. 2 marked by vigorous growth and well-being especially economically during those early halcyon years the company's potential for growth seemed unlimited Synonyms booming, boomy, flourishing, golden, prosperous, healthy, lush, palmy, prospering, roaring, successful, thrivingRelated Words affluent, moneyed (also monied), opulent, rich, substantial, wealthy, well-heeled, well-off, well-to-do; comfortableNear Antonyms declining, dying, failing, floundering, languishing, struggling; bankrupt, bankrupted, insolventAntonyms depressed, unprosperous, unsuccessful

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