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  1. 1 having attained a desired end or state of good fortune they knew her in her palmy days when she was living high Synonyms flourishing, going, successful, prosperous, thriving, triumphantRelated Words coming, promising; booming, growing, roaring, robust; boffo, gangbusters (also gangbuster), runaway, sockoNear Antonyms futureless, hopeless, inauspicious, no-good, unpromising; collapsing, failing, flopping, flunking, folding, washing-out; declining, slipping, slumping, waning; bankrupt, kaput (also kaputt), kerflooey; destroyed, ruined, wreckedAntonyms failed, unsuccessful

  2. 2 marked by vigorous growth and well-being especially economically a palmy suburb with lots of new homes and shopping malls Synonyms booming, boomy, flourishing, golden, halcyon, healthy, lush, prosperous, prospering, roaring, successful, thrivingRelated Words affluent, moneyed (also monied), opulent, rich, substantial, wealthy, well-heeled, well-off, well-to-do; comfortableNear Antonyms declining, dying, failing, floundering, languishing, struggling; bankrupt, bankrupted, insolventAntonyms depressed, unprosperous, unsuccessful

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