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  1. 1 making loud, confused, and usually unharmonious sounds anyone operating that rackety machine had better wear earplugs Synonyms clangorous, dinning, discordant, noisyRelated Words cacophonous, dissonant; resounding, sonorous; clamorous, uproarious; blatant, obstreperous, strident, vociferous; blaring, booming, brassy, brazen, clanging, earsplitting, janglyNear Antonyms calm, hushedAntonyms noiseless, quiet, silent, soundless, still

  2. 2 full of or characterized by the presence of noise the once-familiar sight of a rackety newspaper office with reporters pounding away at typewriters Synonyms clamorous, clangorous, clattering, clattery, noisy, resounding, uproariousRelated Words resonant, sonorous; buzzing, humming, murmuring; blustery, boisterous, raucous, rip-roaring, roaring, roistering, romping, rowdy; tumultuous, woolly (also wooly); obstreperous, vociferousNear Antonyms calm, peaceful, serene, tranquilAntonyms hushed, noiseless, quiet, silent, soundless, stilled, stilly

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