Synonyms and Antonyms of pace

  1. 1 to move along with a steady regular step especially in a group six jugglers paced neatly alongside one another in the parade Synonyms file, march, parade, strideRelated Words goose-step; perambulate, step, traipse, tread; hike, tramp; lumber, plod, stamp, stomp, stride, trudgeNear Antonyms amble, meander, ramble, stroll, wander

  2. 2 to move forward along a course the couple paced through the motions of a marriage, but it was never more than a financial and social arrangement Synonyms advance, come, come along, do, fare, forge, get along, get on, go along, go off, march, go, proceed, progressRelated Words accelerate, fast-forward, speed; approach, near; journey, pass, repair, run, travel, wend; actuate, drive, impel, propel, push; take outNear Antonyms arrest, balk, block, check, detain, halt, hinder, hold back, impede, nip, obstruct, slow (down or up), stem; repress, retard, stunt, suppress; delay, interrupt, stall; cramp, hamper, inhibit; cease, let up, pause; regress; waitAntonyms remain, stand, stay, stop

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