Synonyms and Antonyms of succumb

  1. 1 to cease resistance (as to another's arguments, demands, or control) he finally succumbed and let his wife get rid of his dilapidated easy chair Synonyms blink, bow, budge, capitulate, concede, give in, knuckle under, quit, relent, submit, yield, surrenderRelated Words acquiesce; deferNear Antonyms contend, fight, hold off; battle, breast, combat, confront, counter, defy, face, meet, object, oppose, repel; thwart, withstandAntonyms resist

  2. 2 to give up and cease resistance (as to a liking, temptation, or habit) refused to succumb to her fears and defiantly walked through the dark cemetery Synonyms bow, cave (in), give in, submit, yield, surrenderRelated Words cater (to), gratify, indulge, wallow; acquiesce (to), concede (to); buckle (under), knuckle under; give over (to)Near Antonyms battle, breast, combat, confront, counter, defy, face, fight, meet, object, oppose, repel; thwart, withstand; reject; bridle, check, constrain, curb, inhibit, restrain, stifleAntonyms hold off, resist

  3. 3 to stop living the patient lay so still and pale that everyone thought he had succumbed, and then he opened his eyes Synonyms check out, conk (out), croak [slang], decease, demise, depart, drop, end, exit, expire, fall, flatline, go, kick in [slang], kick off [slang], pass (on), pass away, part, peg out [chiefly British], perish, pop off, step out, dieRelated Words predecease; consume, disappear, dry up, fade, failNear Antonyms come to, revive; linger; be, exist, subsist; flourish, prosper, thriveAntonyms breathe, live

  4. 4 to yield to the control or power of enemy forces the doctor worked tirelessly until finally he, too, succumbed to the fever Synonyms capitulate, give up, knuckle under, submit, fall, surrenderRelated Words bow, buckle, cave (in), collapse, give (in); hand over, relinquish; lose; concede, fail, foldNear Antonyms buck, defy, fight, oppose, repel, resist, withstand; beat, overcome, win; conquer, prevail, triumphAntonyms endure, stand

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holding stubbornly to a belief or view

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