verb \ˈgō\

Definition of go


play \ˈwent\;


play \ˈgȯn also ˈgän\;


play \ˈgō-iŋ, ˈgȯ(-)iŋ; “going to” in sense 13 is often ˈgō-ə-nə or ˈgȯ-nə or ˈgə-nə\;


play \ˈgōz\
  1. intransitive verb
  2. 1 :  to move on a course :  proceed go slow went by train — compare stop

  3. 2 :  to move out of or away from a place expressed or implied :  leave, depart went from school to the party going away for vacation

  4. 3a :  to take a certain course or follow a certain procedure reports go through channels to the presidentb :  to pass by means of a process like journeying the message went by wirec :  to proceed without delay and often in a thoughtless or reckless manner —used especially to intensify a complementary verb why did you go and spoil it go jump in a laked (1) :  to extend from point to point or in a certain direction the road goes to the lake (2) :  to give access :  lead that door goes to the cellar

  5. 4 obsolete :  walk

  6. 5 :  to be habitually in a certain state or condition go bareheaded

  7. 6a :  to become lost, consumed, or spent our time has goneb :  diec :  to slip away :  elapse the evening went quicklyd :  to come to be given up or discarded these slums have to goe :  to pass by sale went for a good pricef :  to become impaired or weakened his hearing started to gog :  to give way especially under great force or pressure :  break the roof went

  8. 7a :  to move along in a specified manner :  fare everything was going wellb :  to be in general or on an average cheap, as yachts goc :  to be or become especially as the result of a contest the election went in her favord :  to turn out well :  succeed worked hard to make the party go

  9. 8a :  to apply oneself went to work on the problemb :  to put or subject oneself went to unnecessary expensec chiefly Southern US and Midland US :  intend I didn't go to do it

  10. 9 :  to have recourse to another for corroboration, vindication, or decision :  resort go to court to recover damages

  11. 10a :  to begin an action or motion here goesb :  to maintain or perform a certain action or motion still going strongc :  to function in the proper or expected manner :  run the motor won't go

  12. 11 :  to be known goes by an alias

  13. 12a :  to act in accordance or harmony a good rule to go byb :  to come to be determined dreams go by contrariesc :  to come to be applied or appropriated all proceeds go to charityd :  to pass by award, assignment, or lot the prize went to a sophomoree (1) :  to contribute to an end or result qualities that go to make a hero (2) :  to be of advantage has a lot going for her

  14. 13 :  to be about, intending, or expecting something —used in a progressive tense before an infinitive is going to leave town

  15. 14a :  extend his knowledge fails to go very deepb :  to come or arrive at a certain state or condition go to sleepc :  to come to be :  become the tire went flat —often used to express conversion to specified values or a specified state gone Hollywood go condod :  to undergo a change leaves go from green to red

  16. 15a :  to be in phrasing or expression :  read as the story goesb :  to be capable of being sung or played the tune goes like this

  17. 16 :  to be compatible, suitable, or becoming :  harmonize the tie goes with his suit

  18. 17a :  to be capable of passing, extending, or being contained or inserted will these clothes go in your suitcaseb :  to have a usual or proper place or position :  belong these books go on the top shelf

  19. 18 :  to have a tendency :  conduce it goes to show

  20. 19a (1) :  to carry authority what she said went (2) :  to be acceptable, satisfactory, or adequate anything goes hereb :  to hold true :  be valid the rule goes for you, too

  21. 20 :  to empty the bladder or bowels

  22. transitive verb
  23. 1 :  to proceed along or according to :  follow if I were going his way went the conventional route

  24. 2 :  to travel through or along :  traverse went the length of the street

  25. 3a :  to make a wager of :  bet go a dollar on the outcomeb :  to make an offer of :  bid willing to go $50 for the clock

  26. 4a :  to assume the function or obligation of promised to go bail for his friendb :  to participate to the extent of decided to go halves on the winnings

  27. 5 :  yield, weigh this fish goes ten pounds

  28. 6a :  to put up with :  tolerate couldn't go the noiseb :  afford can't go the pricec :  enjoy I could go a soda

  29. 7a :  to cause (a characteristic sound) to occur the gun went bangb :  say —used chiefly in oral narration of speech

  30. 8 :  to engage in don't go telling everyone

  31. 9 of a sports team or player :  to have a record of went 11–0 last season


play \ˈgō-ər\ noun

go about

  1. :  to set about :  to begin to do

go after

  1. :  to try to get :  seek

go all the way

  1. 1 :  to enter into complete agreement

  2. 2 :  to engage in sexual intercourse

go at

  1. 1a :  to make an attack onb :  to make an approach to went at the problem from different angles

  2. 2 :  undertake

go back on

  1. 1 :  abandon She went back on her word.

  2. 2 :  betray

  3. 3 :  fail was afraid that his mind might go back on him

go begging

  1. :  to be in little demand

go by the board

  1. 1 :  to be carried over a ship's side

  2. 2 :  to be discarded Budget cuts meant that some projects had to go by the board.

go easy

  1. :  to be sparing go easy with the sugar go easy on the kid

go fly a kite

  1. :  to stop being an annoyance or disturbance told him to go fly a kite

go for

  1. 1 :  to pass for or serve as Silvered glass once went for mirrors.

  2. 2 :  to try to secure or attain (something, such as a goal) go for the prize

  3. 3a :  favor, accept cannot go for your ideab :  to have an interest in or liking for she went for him in a big way — Chandler Brossard

  4. 4 :  attack, assail my dog went for the intruder

go for broke

  1. :  to put forth all one's strength or resources went for broke to qualify for the Olympics

go great guns

  1. :  to achieve great success The movie was going great guns worldwide.

go hang

  1. :  to cease to be of interest or concern

go into

  1. :  to be contained in 5 goes into 60 12 times

go it

  1. 1 :  to behave in a reckless, excited, or impromptu manner

  2. 2 :  to proceed in a rapid or furious manner

  3. 3 :  to conduct one's affairs :  act insists on going it alone

go missing

  1. chiefly British :  to become lost :  disappear

go one better

go over

  1. 1 :  examine went over the test results

  2. 2a :  repeatb :  study, review went over his notes before taking the test

go places

  1. :  to be on the way to success

go public

  1. :  to make a public disclosure

go steady

  1. :  to date one person exclusively and frequently

go through

  1. 1 :  to subject to thorough examination, consideration, or study went through the list of items one by one

  2. 2 :  experience, undergo had to go through quite an ordeal

  3. 3 :  carry out, perform went through his work in a daze

go to bat for

  1. :  to give active support or assistance to :  defend, champion

go to bed with

  1. :  to have sexual intercourse with

go to one's head

  1. 1 :  to cause one to become confused, excited, or dizzy The wine went to his head.

  2. 2 :  to cause one to become conceited or overconfident Fame went to her head.

go to pieces

  1. :  to become shattered (as in nerves or health)

go to the mat

  1. :  to make an all-out combative effort (as in support of a position)

go to town

  1. 1 :  to work or act rapidly or efficiently They went to town on decorating the building.

  2. 2 :  to be markedly successful The team really went to town, winning 14–0.

  3. 3 :  to indulge oneself excessively He went to town on a big platter of beef and potatoes.

go with

  1. 1 :  date

  2. 2 :  choose 2 went with an iron off the tee

go without saying

  1. :  to be self-evident

go with the flow

  1. :  conform 2b

to go

  1. 1 :  still remaining ten minutes to go

  2. 2 of prepared food :  sold for consumption off the premises

Examples of go in a Sentence

  1. He went to the window and looked out at the yard.

  2. She goes to the office every morning and comes home in the evening.

  3. I'm tired. Let's go home.

  4. She went downstairs to the kitchen.

  5. The train goes from New York to Chicago.

  6. I went with my family to Rome last year.

  7. We're going to Iowa for a week.

  8. The car was going too fast.

  9. How much farther do we have to go?

  10. She went a long way to see him.

Origin and Etymology of go

Middle English gon, from Old English gān; akin to Old High German gān to go, Greek kichanein to reach, attain



noun \ˈgō\

Definition of go



  1. 1 :  the act or manner of going

  2. 2 :  the height of fashion :  rage elegant shawls labeled … “quite the go” — R. S. Surtees

  3. 3 :  an often unexpected turn of affairs :  occurrence

  4. 4 :  the quantity used or furnished at one time you can obtain a go of brandy for sixpence — C. B. Fairbanks

  5. 5 :  energy, vigor

  6. 6a :  a turn in an activity (such as a game) it's your gob :  attempt, try have a go at painting

  7. 7 :  a spell of activity finished the job at one go

  8. 8 :  success made a go of the business

  9. 9 :  permission to proceed :  go-ahead gave the astronauts a go for another orbit

no go

  1. :  to no avail :  useless Attempts to get the computer running have been no go.

on the go

  1. :  constantly or restlessly active a housewife and mother who's always on the go

Origin and Etymology of go

see 1go




Definition of go

  1. :  functioning properly :  being in good and ready condition declared all systems go

Origin and Etymology of go

see 1go



noun, often capitalized

Definition of go

  1. :  a game played between two players who alternately place black and white stones on a board checkered by 19 vertical lines and 19 horizontal lines in an attempt to enclose the larger area on the board

Origin and Etymology of go


GO Defined for Kids


verb \ˈgō\

Definition of go for Students








  1. 1 :  to move or travel from one place to or toward another We went home.

  2. 2 :  to move away :  leave The crowd has gone.

  3. 3 :  to lead in a certain direction This road goes to the lake.

  4. 4 :  to be sent The invitation went by e-mail.

  5. 5 :  to become lost, used, or spent Our money was all gone.

  6. 6 :  to pass by : 

  1. 7 :  to continue its course or action :  run Some machines go by electricity.

  2. 8 :  to be able to fit in or through a space No more can go in this suitcase.

  3. 9 :  to make its own special sound A kitten goes like this.

  4. 10 :  to be suitable :  match The scarf goes with the coat.

  5. 11 :  to reach some state Try to go to sleep. The tire went flat.

go off

  1. 1 :  explode 1 A bomb went off.

  2. 2 :  to begin to make a usual noise I woke up when the alarm went off.

  3. 3 :  to proceed as expected The ceremony went off despite bad weather.

go on

  1. 1 :  to continue as time passes You can't go on being late like this!

  2. 2 :  to continue talking I'm sorry for the interruption. Please go on.

go out

  1. 1 :  to leave home

  2. 2 :  to stop burning Make sure the candle doesn't go out.

go through

  1. :  2experience She has gone through hard times.

Headscratcher for go

When an alarm goes on it goes off.

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