Synonyms and Antonyms of paralyze

  1. 1 to render powerless, ineffective, or unable to move a blizzard paralyzed the city for two days Synonyms cripple, disable, hamstring, immobilize, incapacitate, prostrate Related Words attenuate, debilitate, enervate, enfeeble, sap, tire, undercut, undermine, weaken; hobble, lame; maim, mutilate; knock out Near Antonyms energize, galvanize, invigorate, vitalize; fortify, strengthen; empower; freshen, refresh, refreshen, regenerate, rejuvenate, restore, revitalize, revive

  2. 2 to deprive of courage or confidence the school board is paralyzed by the threat of lawsuits for just about everything Synonyms demoralize, emasculate, unnerve, undo, unman, unstringRelated Words debilitate, enervate, enfeeble, neuter, weaken; prostrate, sap, soften, tire, waste; frighten, intimidate, psych (out), scare, terrify, terrorize; daunt, discourage, dishearten, dismay, dispirit; craze, derange, madden, unbalance, unhinge; discompose, disquiet, disturb, faze, perturb, unsettle, upset, weird outNear Antonyms fortify, strengthen; embolden, encourage, heartenAntonyms nerve

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