Synonyms and Antonyms of derange

  1. 1 to cause to go insane or as if insane being stranded at night on a lonely road would derange anyone Synonyms crack, craze, frenzy, loco, madden, unbalance, unhinge, unstringRelated Words agitate, bother, confuse, discompose, disquiet, distract, disturb, perturb, unsettle, upset; annoy, irritate, vexNear Antonyms calm, quiet, relax, settle, soothe, tranquilize (also tranquillize)

  2. 2 to undo the proper order or arrangement of the storage room had all been deranged by the earthquake, and it took hours to sort out things Synonyms confuse, disorder, disarrange, disarray, discompose, dishevel, disjoint, dislocate, disorganize, disrupt, disturb, hash, jumble, mess (up), mix (up), muddle, muss, rumple, scramble, shuffle, tousle, tumble, upsetRelated Words embroil, entangle, snarl, tangle; agitate, perturb, stir (up), unsettle; clutterNear Antonyms align (also aline), line, line up, queue; classify, codify, methodize, systematize, systemize; adjust, fix; groom, make up, spruce (up); unscrambleAntonyms arrange, array, dispose, draw up, marshal (also marshall), order, organize, range, regulate, straighten (up), tidy

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