Synonyms and Antonyms of comeback

  1. 1 a quick witty response always ready with a comeback for every insult Synonyms retort, repartee, riposteRelated Words squelch; back talk; crack, quip, sally, wisecrack, witticism, zinger; cut, insult, put-down

  2. 2 something spoken or written in reaction especially to a question regardless of the question posed by the prosecutor, the witness had a plausible comeback Synonyms answer, rejoinder, replication, reply, response, retort, returnRelated Words back talk, banter, persiflage, repartee; acknowledgment (or acknowledgement), comment, communication, correspondence, feedback, non sequitur, observation, reaction, remark; defense, explanation, justification, plea, rebuttal, refutationNear Antonyms challenge, charge, cross-examination, grilling, interrogation, interrogatory, quiz; poll, questionnaire, surveyAntonyms inquiry, query, question

  3. 3 the process or period of gradually regaining one's health and strength trying to make a comeback after a career-threatening injury Synonyms convalescence, healing, mending, rally, recovery, recuperation, rehab, rehabilitation, snapbackRelated Words resuscitation, revival; survivalNear Antonyms decline, degeneration, deterioration, fading, failing, languishing, sinking, wasting (away), weakening, wilting, withering, worsening; regression, relapse

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