Synonyms and Antonyms of ruination

  1. 1 something that is the cause of one's ultimate failure or loss of life neglect and indifference have proved to be the ruination of more than one marriage Synonyms death, destruction, ruin, downfall, undoingRelated Words bane, curse, torment; Achilles' heel, tragic flaw

  2. 2 the state or fact of being rendered nonexistent, physically unsound, or useless although this is a setback, it isn't complete ruination for the company Synonyms annihilation, decimation, demolishment, demolition, desolation, devastation, extermination, extinction, havoc, loss, mincemeat, obliteration, ruin, destruction, wastage, wreckageRelated Words depredation, despoilment, despoliation; breakup, collapse, disintegration, dissolution; assassination, execution, killing, massacre, slaughter; dismantlement, effacement, eradicationNear Antonyms rescue, salvage, salvation, saving; conservation, preservation, protection; reclamation, reconstruction, re-creation, refurbishment, regeneracy, remodeling, renovation, restorationAntonyms building, construction, erection, raising

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to cast off or become cast off

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