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  1. 1 something worn or kept to bring good luck or keep away evil a mojo is a type of voodoo charm Synonyms amulet, fetish (also fetich), mascot, charm, periapt, phylactery, talismanRelated Words gris-gris (also grigri), juju, philter, toadstone; emblem, symbol, token, totemNear Antonyms curse, hex, spellAntonyms hoodoo, jinx

  2. 2 the power to control natural forces through supernatural means he joked that he had worked his mojo to assure a sunny day for the picnic Synonyms bewitchery, bewitchment, conjuring, devilry (or deviltry), diablerie, enchantment, ensorcellment, magic, necromancy, sorcery, thaumaturgy, voodooism, witchcraft, witchery, wizardryRelated Words abracadabra, amulet, charm, fetish (also fetich), mascot, periapt, phylactery, talisman; conjuration, glamour (also glamor), incantation, spell; curse, hex, jinx; augury, crystal gazing, divination, divining, forecasting, foreknowing, foreseeing, foretelling, fortune-telling, predicting, presaging, prognosticating, prophesying, soothsaying, sortilege; hexerei, hoodoo, occultism, spiritualism; augur, omen; exorcism; alchemyNear Antonyms science

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