Synonyms and Antonyms of abidance

  1. 1 the following of a custom, rule, or law the FDA requires strict abidance by food manufacturers of its definitions for certain terms used on product labels Synonyms observance, adherence, compliance, conformance, conformity, keeping, obedience, observationRelated Words deference, honor, regard, respect, upholding; accession, acquiescence, submission, surrender; attendance, attention, heed, noticeNear Antonyms brush-off, disregard, ignoring; delinquency, dereliction, forgetting, neglect, overlooking; offense (or offence), sin, wrong; challenge, defiance, flouting, rebellionAntonyms breach, contravention, infraction, infringement, nonobservance, transgression, trespass, violation

  2. 2 uninterrupted or lasting existence the reassuring abidance of their friendship through times both good and bad Synonyms continuation, ceaselessness, continuance, continuity, continuousness, durability, duration, endurance, persistence, subsistenceRelated Words drawing out, elongation, extension, lengthening, prolongation, prolonging, stretching; enduringness, permanence; survivalNear Antonyms abridgment (or abridgement), curtailment, cutback, shorteningAntonyms cessation, close, discontinuance, discontinuity, end, ending, expiration, finish, stoppage, surcease, termination

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