Synonyms and Antonyms of adherence

  1. 1 a physical sticking to as if by glue you'd think these refrigerator magnets would have better adherence—they fall off every time I open the door Synonyms adhesion, bonding, clingRelated Words agglutination, clumping, cohesion; adhesiveness, attachment, cohesiveness, tenacity; cementing, gluing (also glueing)Antonyms unsticking

  2. 2 the following of a custom, rule, or law adherence to convention requires that the couple send out formal wedding invitations Synonyms abidance, observance, compliance, conformance, conformity, keeping, obedience, observationRelated Words deference, honor, regard, respect, upholding; accession, acquiescence, submission, surrender; attendance, attention, heed, noticeNear Antonyms brush-off, disregard, ignoring; delinquency, dereliction, forgetting, neglect, overlooking; offense (or offence), sin, wrong; challenge, defiance, flouting, rebellionAntonyms breach, contravention, infraction, infringement, nonobservance, transgression, trespass, violation

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