Synonyms and Antonyms of superfluity

  1. 1 something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary spends most of her money on designer clothes and other superfluities Synonyms amenity, comfort, extra, frill, indulgence, luxuryRelated Words extravagance, nonessential; dainty, delicacy, nicety, treat; accessory (also accessary), accoutrement (or accouterment), bells and whistles, optionAntonyms basic, essential, fundamental, must, necessity, requirement

  2. 2 the state or an instance of going beyond what is usual, proper, or needed a superfluity of wire coat hangers from all of those trips to the dry cleaner Synonyms bellyful, fat, overabundance, overage, overflow, overkill, overmuch, overplus, oversupply, plethora, plus, redundancy, superabundance, excess, surfeit, surplus, surplusageRelated Words abundance, bounty, plentitude, plenty, profusion, sufficiency; overproduction, overstockNear Antonyms dearth, lack, scarcity, wantAntonyms deficiency, deficit, insufficiency, undersupply

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