Synonyms and Antonyms of frill

  1. 1 a strip of fabric gathered or pleated on one edge and used as trimming I just had to sew the frill onto the bottom of the skirt and the dress was finished Synonyms flounce, ruffle, furbelowRelated Words border, edging, fringe, trim; plait, pleat, ruff; bunting, skirting

  2. 2 something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary didn't get any food or drinks on the no-frills flight Synonyms amenity, comfort, extra, luxury, indulgence, superfluityRelated Words extravagance, nonessential; dainty, delicacy, nicety, treat; accessory (also accessary), accoutrement (or accouterment), bells and whistles, optionAntonyms basic, essential, fundamental, must, necessity, requirement

  3. 3 something that decorates or beautifies a birthday cake decorated with frills like edible glitter Synonyms adornment, beautifier, caparison, doodad, embellisher, embellishment, decoration, garnish, garnishment, garniture, ornament, ornamentation, setoff, trimRelated Words apparel, bells and whistles, blazonry, bric-a-brac, chichi, emblazonry, filigree, finery, foofaraw, frippery, frosting, froufrou; fal-lal, flounce, flourish, furbelow, ruffle; enhancement, enrichment, improvement; appliqué, embossment, embroidery, fancywork; bedizenment, gilt, glitter; design, figure, pattern; furnishings, regalia, trappingsNear Antonyms blemish, defacement, disfigurement, scar; blot, spot, stain

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