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  1. 1 a number of persons or things that are grouped together because they have something in common the two brothers are sports-obsessed jocks, and most of their friends are of the same feather Synonyms breed, class, description, sort, genre, ilk, kidney, kind, like, manner, nature, order, species, strain, stripe, type, varietyRelated Words model; sample, specimen; bracket, bunch, category, division, family, grade, group, grouping, lot, persuasion, rank(s), set, suite

  2. 2 dressy clothing prom couples strutted into the ballroom in full feather Synonyms array, best, bravery, caparison, finery, frippery, full dress, gaiety (also gayety), glad rags, regaliaRelated Words apparel, attire, costume, duds, habiliment(s), rags, raiment, rig, rigging, threads, toggery, togs, vestiary, vesture, wearNear Antonyms tatters; disarray, dishabille

  3. 3 a state of mind dominated by a particular emotion you're in fine feather today Synonyms cheer, mood, humor, mode, spirit, temperRelated Words angle, attitude, mind-set, outlook, perspective, slant, standpoint, viewpoint; emotion, feeling, heart, passion, sentiment; strain; belief, conviction, judgment (or judgement), mind, opinion; expression, tone, vein; character, disposition, identity, individuality, makeup, mettle, personality, selfhood, self-identity, temper, temperament; responsiveness, sensibility, sensitiveness, sensitivity

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