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  1. 1 a group of persons who come from the same ancestor the Adams family made remarkable contributions to American life for more than two centuries Synonyms blood, clan, folks, house, kin, kindred, kinfolk (or kinfolks), kinsfolk, line, lineage, people, race, stock, tribe Related Words blended family, nuclear family; extended family, household, kith; brood; descendant (also descendent), issue, offspring, progeny, scion, seed; clansman, kinsman, kinswoman, relative; dynasty Near Antonyms ancestry, birth, descent, extraction, origin, pedigree

  2. 2 one of the units into which a whole is divided on the basis of a common characteristic the flute, the clarinet, the oboe, and other members of the woodwind family Synonyms bracket, category, classification, division, class, genus, grade, group, kind, league, order, rank(s), rubric, set, species, tier, typeRelated Words description, feather, ilk, kidney, like, manner, nature, sort; branch, section, speciality, specialty, subclass, subdivision, subgroup, subspecies, variety; breed, race; generation; heading, label, title

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