Synonyms and Antonyms of shaft

  1. 1 a narrow sharply defined line of light radiating from an object shafts of late-afternoon sunlight pierced the blinds and streaked the floor Synonyms beam, ray Related Words moonbeam, sunbeam, sunburst; laser, spotlight

  2. 2 a weapon with a long straight handle and sharp head or blade the footmen set their shafts so as to form a bank of steel against the enemy's charging cavalry Synonyms javelin, lance, pike, pikestaff, spearRelated Words dart, spike; gaff, halberd (also halbert), harpoon, leister, trident

  3. 3 unfair or inadequate treatment of someone or something or an instance of this the homeowners who were bought out are convinced they got the shaft in that deal Synonyms inequity, injury, injustice, raw deal, disservice, unfairness, unjustness, wrongRelated Words affront, indignity, insult, offense (or offence), outrage, put-down, slight, slur; beef, complaint, grievanceNear Antonyms cricketAntonyms equitableness, equity, fairness, justice

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