Synonyms and Antonyms of equity

  1. 1 lack of favoritism toward one side or another the lower wages once paid to women for equal work violated the very notion of equity Synonyms disinterest, disinterestedness, detachment, evenhandedness, fair-mindedness, fairness, impartiality, justice, neutralism, neutrality, nonpartisanship, objectiveness, objectivityRelated Words apathy, indifference, unconcern; broad-mindedness, open-mindedness, tolerance; fence-sitting, straddlingNear Antonyms chauvinism, nepotism; subjectiveness, subjectivity; bent, inclination, leaning, penchant, predilection, predisposition, proclivity, propensity, tendency; preconception, prejudgmentAntonyms bias, favor, favoritism, nonobjectivity, one-sidedness, partiality, partisanship, prejudice

  2. 2 the practice of giving to others what is their due basic to the notion of equity is the principle that all people are of equal standing in the eyes of the law Synonyms justice, fair shake, rightRelated Words equitability, equitableness, evenhandedness, fair-mindedness, fairness, impartiality; goodness, righteousness, virtue; honor, integrity, uprightnessNear Antonyms bias, one-sidedness, partiality, prejudice; unfairness, unjustness, wrongfulness; corruption, impropiety; crime, offense (or offence), wrongdoing; disservice, harmAntonyms inequity, injustice, raw deal, wrong

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