Synonyms and Antonyms of impropriety

  1. 1 the quality or state of not being socially proper the impropriety of the song that the campers sang for the visitors was embarrassing Synonyms inappropriateness, incorrectness, indecency, indecorousness, indecorum, indelicateness, unbecomingness, unseemliness, untowardness Related Words coarseness, crudeness, vulgarity; immodesty, naughtiness; imprudence, indiscreetness, indiscretion; churlishness, discourteousness, disrespect, impertinence, impoliteness, impudence, incivility, inconsiderateness, inconsideration, insolence, rudeness, ungraciousness Near Antonyms discretion, prudence; etiquette, form, manners, proprieties; considerateness, consideration, genteelness, gentility, graciousness, thoughtfulness Antonyms appropriateness, correctness, decency, decorousness, decorum, fitness, properness, propriety, rightness, seemliness, suitability, suitableness

  2. 2 a socially improper or unsuitable act or remark such improprieties as asking people how much money they make Synonyms familiarity, faux pas, gaff, gaffe, indiscretion, solecism Related Words blunder, error, flub, fumble, goof, lapse, miscue, misstep, mistake, oversight, slip, slipup, stumble; discourtesy, incivility, offense (or offence); boner, howler; foul-up, muff; misapprehension, miscalculation, misconception, misjudgment, misstatement, misunderstanding Near Antonyms form, manners, mores, proprieties Antonyms amenity, attention, civility, courtesy, formality, gesture, pleasantry

  3. 3 the quality or state of being unsuitable or unfitting I see no impropriety in referring to certain anatomical parts by their standard names Synonyms improperness, inappropriateness, inappositeness, inaptness, incorrectness, infelicity, unfitness, wrongnessRelated Words extraneousness, inadequacy, inadequateness, inadmissibility, inapplicability, irrelevance, meaninglessness, pointlessness, senselessness; inauspiciousness, inexpedience, inexpediency, intolerability, undesirability, undesirableness, unsatisfactoriness, uselessness; unbecomingness; unseasonabilityNear Antonyms admissibility, applicability, bearing, connection, materiality, pertinence, pointedness, relevance, relevancyAntonyms appositeness, appropriateness, aptness, correctness, felicitousness, felicity, fitness, fittingness, properness, propriety, rightness, seemliness, suitability, suitableness

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